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Optimism in Times of Tribulations

بسم الله الرحمن الرحىم

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
It has been a long time since the last post. Alhamdulillah, today I’m back to share with you some knowledge that I gained from the Islamic Education Conference, Ilmfest Malaysia 2015 that I went to during the last weekend, Insya Allah.
Before I start, you can check out their official websites to know more about  Ilmfest .
So this year, Al Maghrib Institute has carefully chosen “Hopeful Hearts: Optimism in Times of Tribulations” as the theme for Ilmfest 2015.
A 2-Day conference worth every penny. Those speakers are amazing, Subhanallah. They shared so much knowledge with the audience for the sake of Allah. ‘Ilmfest’ is for the seekers who are still searching, students of knowledge, and even for those who just need a boost.
I believe that there’s a purpose why Allah allowed me to attend this conference. It has to be with my condition where I was so down and barely giving up. Masya Allah, Tabaraqallah I thank Allah for let my heart, my soul and my jasad to be there so that I can make a change within myself and spread the words to the others. Allah lent me the helps through the lectures and stories that others shared with me, see, He knows what best and He won’t let me hanging by myself.
There couldn’t be a better theme for a knowledge gathering than this. We always have our ups and downs but when we hit rock bottom, our patience is severely tested and our Imaan can be thrown way off track, am I right? Say yes or yes.
There are so many times when hardships befall us, we were stuck not knowing what to do. Perhaps loss of a loved one, divorce, terminal illness, stressful job, troubled children, not getting the basket of A’s nor the university that you’re hoping for and so forth are among challenges we are facing in our lives. None of us are able to get escaped from these.
I know that all of us are always searching for happiness in this life that we live in. But often we find ourselves looking in the wrong places. Ask yourself this; Have you ever reached the point praying because you ‘have to’, and not because you just absolutely love it?
Allah says in The Holy Quran in Chapter 2 verse 45,

And seek help through patience and prayer, and indeed, it is difficult except for the humbly submissive [to Allah ]

How do we seek help in prayer when we are too depressed, too overwhelmed with problems that prayer seems farfetched? Family and friends give us advice that we have to be patience, there’s always wisdom behind it but we can’t see the wisdom, we feel the problems are piling up and they are too much to bear.
We are worried that our heart is drifting further and further away from Allah and we feel lost without His Guidance. We fear that our actions lack sincerity, and are eager to get that sincerity back.
Allah SWT says in the Quran in Chapter 26 verse 88 and 89,

The Day when there will not benefit [anyone] wealth or children 


But only one who comes to Allah with a sound heart." 
Alhamdulillah, throughout the 2-Day conference, it has be an antidote to my sorrows, the cure to my worldly depression, and the guide for me to find Allah, Insya Allah.
Before I go any further, let’s start with the understanding of this life nowadays .
Prophet SAW said “A time will come when knowledge will decrease, trials appear,  greed increase & Al Haraj will appear.”
What is Al-Haraj? It’s genocide. It is the mass killing of people, which is happening all over the world.
Prophet SAW also spoke of knowledge decreasing. You think with Internet it would increase, well everyone is expecting so, but the thing is people are not learning. Al Fitaan, temptations – travel around the world in seconds by smartphone, and we have extreme examples of depravity.
Increase of Greed: 1% of the world’s population is controlling the resources of other 99%, how extreme is this? People are surrounded with information, but devoid of knowledge, learning, or wisdom.
Muslims make up 26% of the world’s population, we are 60% youth. We have a key role to play in taking care of earth. When you look at conflicts in the world, don’t look at the ground, look at what is underneath of it.
The Muslims have tremendous wealth, but we are lacking something to effect change.
Success is the word that everyone is going to be passionate of.
The ultimate success will be in the next life, but Muslims are expected to achieve success in Dunya too. Success doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t come easily. We can be discouraged by our failures, or we can be inspired by the lessons we have learned through them.
No one likes to fail, but Allah sends us things that we dislike that turn out to be good for us. In the pain, bitterness, difficulty of failure there’s a gift from Allah. It’s not punishment, it’s strengthening.  Despite all the pain, push through it and you’ll find out that the results are beautiful. You’re the one who need to decide how to deal with the tests. They are an opportunity to change, will you take it?
The talents you have are from Allah and how you use them can be a gift back to the Ummah.
You know what, every single person on this earth, no matter who they are – we all share one thing in common – we were all born knowing nothing. Allahuakbar
Sh. Waleed Basyouni tell the audience of his story where His teacher put him in a car and said “We’re going to the richest place in this world.” For ideas he thought they’d go to university, but the teacher took him to a graveyard and the teacher said “Here’s where ideas are buried, ideas to save the world. If you are not using your talents, you have an unwrapped, and unused gift. What are you waiting for?”
You see, the difference between failure and success is doing a thing nearly right or perfectly right. Allah has prescribed Ihsan in everything we do in this Dunya.
The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary. You want to succeed? Work Hard.
The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure. Ask Allah for strength and then get to it. Go plan for your success, act towards it and ask Allah to bless you in what you have and what you’re seeking.
Good planning means knowing where you’re at, where do you want to go, and how are you going to get there.
“People keep saying someday, someday, someday… last time I checked there’s no Someday between Sunday and Monday” – Sh. Waleed Basyouni 
Okay, how about when things get hard? Most of you may be wondering whether is it Haraam to ever feel sad?
Everyone get sad. It happens to every human, every living thing, really. It is a natural thing. Grief is a subjective thing – people will show it in different ways and they deal with it in different ways.
Allah did not create us to drown in grief, there is a happiness and ease as a counterpart to normal human sadness.
What about crying in Islam?
Crying in private from fear Allah is a blessed thing! No shame there, only blessings! Crying in public for the approval of people, or to make yourself look pious, that’s obviously bad.
Niyaha is sensationalized response to grief – smacking face, tearing clothes, screaming. That isn’t from the Sunnah!
The Prophet SAW grieved greatly over things, but at times he cried, other times he “kept the stiff upper lip.” There were times when he SAW cried and raised his arms in dua, shaking so badly his cloak would fall from his shoulders.
When his SAW son died, a companion asked, “You cry too?”
Prophet replied, “This is a mercy. It makes the heart soft.”
Sadness and crying are not a sin, but they are a problem when grief paralyzes you or leads you to haraam.
The Prophet SAW in his own expression of grief, never allowed it to paralyze him.
In moments of grief, remember the purpose of all suffering. Sabr, Rahma, Jannah… Insya Allah.
Managing grief as a Muslim is about keeping perspective: the whole earth is built on loss, destruction and rebuilding.
Grief is natural, permitted, no sin. But grief that is destructive, paralyzing, or harms body or soul – that’s  not ok.
There is no happiness or sadness that remains forever. Nor any gain or any loss. Every state is temporary. If you are content with your situation, then you and the person who owns everything are equals.
Life is all about peaks and valleys. 
When you face calamity, remember that tomorrow will be better. The best has yet to come.
In Jannah you will find everything you could ever want, and there will be more still.
Be patients in your moments of calamity. The ease will always be greater than the hardship. Even if we don’t know when it comes or what it looks like.
If Allah has put you in a situation of difficulty, it’s because Allah wants you to learn and grow from it.
When you embrace difficulty and commit to learn and grow from it, every challenge becomes a moment of appreciation.
Sometimes people try to tell you, you’re sad because you’re bad person and your Imaan is low. They’re kinda wrong.
The people most tested by Allah were His Messengers. They faced most sadness and hardships. Why? Did they have low Imaan?
The purpose of these tests is to elevate you and raise you in terms of Sabr and Faith. Do not lose hope in the Mercy of Allah, no one loses hope except those who do not belief.
Being sad is not the same thing as losing hope and despairing. Being sad is not the same as losing hope.
Sometimes Allah gives you no option except to be stronger, because that is the best way of teaching you strength.
Most of the time, the “Problem” isn’t the problem, it’s our “Perception” of the problem that’s bigger.
Prophet Aayub PBUH, was chronically ill for years. His wife had to go work so they could eat. Aayub used to say, “When Allah has given me so many years of health, why should I complain about a few years of sickness?” Allahurabbi.
Wondrous is the affair of the believer, when it’s good he’s thankful and when it’s bad he’s patient and that is good too.
Gratitude is an action. It’s a verb. Prosperity is a test. If you have money and someone comes to you asking for help and you don’t give, you have failed!
With Sabr, you can get pricked by a thorn and that will count as a good deeds. Sins will fall away from you.
Look, some people will break every item in a room and when there’s nothing left they’ll sit calmly and “Be Patient”. But patience begins at the very second at which you learn of calamity or tragedy or trial, not after you calmed down.
Now let’s talk about Happiness.
What is Happiness? And how do we obtain it?
Happiness means different things to different people. If you ask a married person, happiness might be having children. For people with children, it might be them behaving.
People use to define happiness as a subjective sense of wellbeing, but it turns out that’s missing something.
You can “feel happy” from eating chocolate, shopping, or chilling with friends, but once done, you’re miserable again.
True happiness requires a sense of purpose and meaningful engagement PLUS the feelings of wellbeing. Where does this feeling comes from? We believe it comes only from righteousness and studies can confirm that.
There was a study in which two groups of people were given money, the first were told to spend only to themselves. The second group was told to spend the money on someone else. Guess which group came back happier?
The one that did good to others.
Allah says in The Holy Quran that those who do Birr (act of righteousness), will not experience misery. We know that serving others and doing good is the key to genuine happiness. It creates purpose and meaningful engagement. 
The other key element to happiness is understanding of reality, making sense of your existence and place in this world. That is where we, as people of faith, have an advantage. We know why we’re here. We have a sense of purpose.
Some people seek happiness through the perfect life, but all things in this world are temporary, only one is forever. It is the Hereafter.
There is no true satisfaction or happiness except Jannah (not me obviously. It’s Paradise) but the path to Jannah itself is also happiness to walk upon. The “Meaning of Life” has been a topic of debate and soul-searching for many people. We’re here for Ibadah. We want Jannah…
For your information, 10% of your happiness is determined by external factors, the other 90% comes from how you perceive these factors.
Think of the people who have everything in the Dunya but they’re too miserable VS those who have nothing yet truly happy.
There are people who see any test in life as an opportunity, versus those who see same issues as a threat. Two people can have the same disease or loss, and one can make the most of it and the other can be reduced to nothing. 
Experts, regardless of their religious beliefs or absences thereof, agree that happiness starts with gratitude.
For many of us, the ones who deserve the most thanks get the least. Your mother, your father, your spouse – they get the least.
When was the last time you expressed gratitude to the nearest and dearest people in your life? Why? I have no answer for that question to anyone else rather to myself. Ask your own self.
Your greatest gratitude is your Salah – thank Allah 5 times a day – for the non-stop blessing He’s giving you. Alhamdulillah.
Be Grateful, we own nothing not even a single dust. Allah Kingdom is the Greatest.
Inna Lillahi Wainna Ilaihi Rajioon
This is such a powerful Kalimah.
Who, when afflicted with calamity, say: "Truly! To Allah we belong and truly, to Him we shall return."
In The Quran, Allah says those who are patient are those who have Sabr and say Inna Lillahi Wainna Ilaihi Rajioon.
To Allah belongs all that He gives & to Allah belongs all that He takes. We praise Allah for what He gives and we praise Allah for what He takes.
The wisdom behind this Kalimah gives me contentment in my life and makes me think that Allah is sufficient. It is also make me goes “O Allah, I don’t know what’s going on but I trust You and I will have Sabr. Please make it easy for me.”
Umar r.a said, Indeed we found joy in Sabr. A person without Sabr will never experience Happiness.
One of the beauties of Sabr is ability to adjust to situation that you’re in, to be happy with what Allah has given to you. Sabr is an attitude in life, because what happens to us isn’t as important as what we do when things happen.
Everyone of us is being tested whether we realize it or not, but no matter the test, we need patience to make it. In our culture, how do we react to being tested? Do we get on twitter, facebook and start   “hastagging” these and that?
I admit that I always do that as I often forget that Allah is the Best Listener. I don’t have to neither waste my times typing nor shout out loud because Allah aware over everything and He knows what’s in my heart and my mind. Allahuakbar.
“We talk about guidance as an aqeedah issue, but true guidance reflects in your actions, in real time. It’s easy to be all Alhamdulillah, blessed when life seems good, but what are we tweeting when it’s hard?” – Sh. Saad Tasleem 
Ouch no.2
“How is you prayer when someone’s looking? Compare to your private prayers, are you pecking up and down like a bird?” – Sh. Hakim Quick
Ouch no.3
How insulting that we hide our sins from the people but indulge in them fully in the sight of Allah. Some people do good only when being watched and avoid sin only if being seen. That’s not righteousness. That’s RIAK !
“He’s got a cousin who shows up for Tarawih prayers but no other time of the prayer – his name is Abdul Tarawih.
You know the guy who comes to the masjid in Ramadhan and disappears when the moon’s sighted? – His name is Abdul Ramadhan.”
Ouch no.4 ft Ouch no.5
Lol. I think it’s enough. Let’s proceed to the next point.
Repentance after sin.
May I start with a question, who has never committed a sin in their lives? Say no or no.
The answer is absolute no one.
If we put the same question to the companions of the Prophet SAW, we’d get the same response. No one is sin-free. That feeling that you get when you’ve sinned – that feeling of disappointment and wanting to give up on you, and He never does. Allah loves to forgive, and is always open to your pleas.
Remember Pharaoh? He claimed Godship, killed thousands of innocents, and was a tyrant-and yet Allah still sent Moses a.s to Pharaoh with the chance to repent. Are you worse than Pharaoh?
Allah offered forgiveness to me, to you and to everyone else too. We can never have too many sins.
Never despair of Allah’s mercy. It is possible to be more sinful than He is Merciful.
Imagine the most sinful person in the world. Should he repent, Allah replaces sins with EQUAL blessings. Allahuakbar. That means if you repent for 1 million sins, they’re not cancelled, they’re “replaced” with 1million blessings instead.
It is easy to say Astaghfirullah, but can you mean it?
Think of your sin, and now say…Astaghfirullahalazim
Let see the example of Sahaba, they had a sense of urgency to their sins – they repented right away, before they lost the chance to. The Sahaba never justified a sin. These days, we make excusesssssss for sin like “It’s just a white lie” or “I can’t help it”, etc…
Never make excuses, there are none. Sin can never control us. Syaitan suggests, but we choose to take his advice. Even when we slip into sin, we haven’t lost. We can counter-attack with repentance immediately. Don’t Delay!!!
Sins, distraction and attachments create a veil in front of our eyes. When we die though, it’s lifted. That’s why even Firaun – when faced the death – admitted to believing in Allah, but it was too late for him.
Everyone sins, that’s given. Next time you do, follow up your bad deed with a good one and ask for forgiveness.
Imagine you have a debt and your creditor says “You know what? Keep those 1000 dollars, and here’s another 1000 dollars too.”
What would you feel?
That’s what Allah does. He forgives our sins, exchanging bad deeds for an equal or greater amount of good ones. We don’t believe in absolute evil, because in every event there is some Khayr(good) that can come out of it.
We even believe that not only is there no absolute evil, but good will always outweigh evilin any situation. Knowing who Allah is, how much He loves you, and how much He cares about you are the best feeling ever.
Your good deeds and bad deeds aren’t about you or your reputations. They are about Allah and whether He is pleased. Walk within this Dunya, but run towards Jannah and race for the pleasure of Allah. Flee to Him from this Dunya.
The most beautiful tool that Muslim had, to me, is a Dua. 
Dua, many of us take for granted and underestimate the power of it.

Dua is the Miracle in your Palms. It’s a gift that Allah has given us.
Why is Dua so important that the Prophet SAW called it the “Mind” of worship, or worship itself? And even we know how important Dua is, then what are the things that stopping us from doing it?
If you said you loved your mom or your father or your loved one soooooo much but you never actually called her, I’d question your relationship and your sincerity in your love.
When someone means something, to you, when you love them whole-heartedly, you’ll stay in touch. It’s the same thing with Allah and it’s not just a matter of quantity –you communicate with quality, with meanings and sincerity.
How’s the Quality of our Dua?
Human beings are repulsed when someone’s needy. Allah though, draws closer to you when you ask Him. He loves you.
Saying La Illaha Illallah as you die is a means to Jannah, but if you don’t live it, you won’t be permitted to utter it.
The wise man knows that a heart cannot found a true happiness unless it is sound, qalb salim.
Qalb Salim – a sound of heart, a heart that has no competitor to Allah inside of it. At its root, the word “Ilah” means an object of refuge, or the thing you put at the center of your existence.
A sound hearts has Allah at its center, and the other things within fit in their proper places. Our relationship to these things becomes healthy when our heart is properly centered.
When our heart is filled by Allah, we will never be empty and never in need of fulfillment from other people nor objects.
“Have you ever seen beggar beg from another beggar?  NO.
Then why are you asking from another slave while you, yourself is a slave?” – Ustzh. Yasmin Mogahed
Ouch no.6
Ask Allah, not his servants!
It’s our part of deen to use Asbaab (means) Allah has provide us. There’s no problem unless we depend on the Asbaab instead of Allah.
Here’s a practical analogy to picture this condition.
What if a small kid begged you for a knife? You’d say “No, you’ll cut yourself. You can’t have that.” You deny them to knife for their own safety. Maybe you give them a spoon instead.
But we, we always ask Allah for knives without we realize. Like a two years old kid, we throw tantrum when Allah doesn’t give us the knife that we want so badly.
Allah says in The Holy Quran in Surah Al-Baqarah: 216

Fighting has been enjoined upon you while it is hateful to you. But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not.
When we talk in to Allah in our prayers, are we giving orders? Appointing an agent? Or begging our Lord in need?
If Allah answered our Duas the way we asked, it would be a disaster. We’re terrible planners. His plans are much better.
When your heart is with Allah, it can never be imprisoned or enslaved to any tyrants.
When The Prophet SAW walked through Taif being pelted with stones and humiliation. It was 30 km! Allahuakbar
The lesson is If revenge against your enemies has found a place in your heart, then you have lost the plot.
If your worlds broken, don’t get stuck on WHY rather think about WHAT does Allah want me to do in this situation, how should I react to this and so on…
Allah knows what He’s doing. Trust Him to take over. Assuming you know better is like letting two years old drive. Who knows better to “Drives” our live, Allah or the two years old nafs in our heads?
Think about that.
The struggles that Allah places for us direct us on a path where there are opportunities we could never had. Every step along our path is placed by Allah, including the stumbling blocks, to facilitate our growth and redirection to Allah.
One of deceptive barriers between us and Allah is despair, lack of hope – hopelessness. Syaitan has only one mission in this world. He just wants to take us down. Imagine if we had such focus?!
One consequence of making this life is our primary concern is that everywhere we look, there’s Dunya - we see nothing except Dunya. Doesn’t matter what you DO have, all you’ll see is what you DON’T have.
If our mind resolves this scattered Dunya, we will have a scattered mind.
We have to remove Dunya from our heart. Once we did, Allah will fills it instead with contentment.
Ustzh. Yasmin Mogahed told the audience about a story of her friend, where when her daughter was 3 suddenly stopped talking, her daughter had a rare disorder called MPS. The lil girl would lose all her abilities, and eventually die. Her 2nd daughter was diagnosed with the same disease, then goes the same thing to her 3rd daughter, and her 4th, the only son with autism. In the will of Allah, all of them are now teens and have a disability to swallow.
We never think about this, but if we can’t swallow our saliva, it must be suctioned or we’ll choke on it. Ust. Yasmin Mogahed told us this story not to make us sad but because of something that her friend told her. In all of this, she said “With her 3 daughters slowly dying and her son having autism – I am instead drowning in Gratitude.” Allahurabbi. I pray that Allah grant us such strength and contentment.
If there is a Paradise in our heart, we have a place of refuge no matter what’s going on around us.
Allah knows we’re human and messing up is part of our design. If Allah wanted us to be perfect, he’d made us angels. Being sinful is part of the program. Allah loves those who repent. Stop putting people down for being imperfect.
When you’re on an Imaan high, it’s like you’re on spirituals steroid. It has the side effect of self-righteousness. Beware of spiritual steroid-rage that leads you to arrogance. Beware it withdrawal that then leads hopelessness. How we perform while on a spiritual high is not what matters as much as what we do during spiritual low.
Both Adam a.s and Iblis messed up. The difference was that only ONE REPENTANCE.
“Iblis refused to make one sajda. Any Fajr you missed, you have refused to make four. Who’s worst now?”
Ouch no.7
But yet we still have the chance to enter His Jannah if and only if we repent. Repentance is the difference!
Our best case scenario is not to be sinless. It is TO REPENT and TURN TO ALLAH every time we do sin.
The path to salvation is Repentance. It isn’t perfection. It isn’t saying “I’m never gonna slip” because all of us slip anyways.
When Syaitan messed up, he blamed Allah for setting him up. When you sin, are you saying that Allah made you this way?
Allah tells us, it is only who misguided lose hope in the Mercy of Allah.
The Day of Judgment will be a long and terrible one. We will be too terrified to even ask about neither parents nor friends.
Prophet SAW said we’re like moths fluttering desperately towards flame, and he’s trying to grab us out of the flames.
Allah never sends a Prophet without giving him one guaranteed Dua and Muhammad SAW kept his to intervene on Qiyama FOR US. Masya Allah
The Prophet SAW cared so much for his Ummah that Allah told him not to kill himself with sadness over their choices. The Prophet SAW loves us so much and yet look at his Ummah today… :’(
The Prophet SAW when the Day of Resurrection comes, waves of people will converge on the prophet to have them intercede. Each prophet starting with Adam will feel to unable to approach Allah because they’re too sensitive with their sins, except Muhammad SAW.
Muhammad SAW will then fall into prostration before Allah and will stay there until Allah ask what he would like. He SAW will then raise his head, on a day where everyone is worried about themselves, he will say Ummati (My Ummah), us.
After standing there on the heat of Qiyama, the followers of Muhammad SAW will be allowed to drink from al-Kauthar. This will be the 1st time you meet Muhammd SAW and some of you may be honored to given drink from his hand.
On the Day of Judgment, Muslims will be divided into 2 groups; those who are going to Jannah and those who are going to Jahannam. People can ridicule us as much as they like now but on Qiyama every single one will wish they’d been Muslim.
If you have Imaan, you will find a thousand reasons to obey Allah and His Messenger, not a thousand excuses instead.
At the time of death, the angels will give good tidings the Mu’min about coming Jannah. That’s awesome. Insya Allah.
In Jannah, we’ll find everything we could ever want, and there will be more still.
“The Ultimate Victory will be yours. The fact that you choose to believe guarantees that. Insya Allah you’ll be going to paradise. When you get there, you will not remember any of the hardships in this life. The person that faced the greatest difficulty in this life will say I did not face any hardships in this life when he enters paradise. When you know that, embracing the tribulations becomes a lot easier.”-Sh. Navaid Aziz
Last but not least, Humble yourself before Allah in gratitude, for everything you have, and that is the beginning of Khusyu’. If you can’t concentrate in your Salah, there’s an imbalance. Something is too heavy in your mind. Get rid out of it and focus on Allah.
If you Humble yourself before Allah. He will raise you in status before Him.
Kneeling before a person is humiliating, but before Allah it is empowering. Your head is down but your soul is up.
Malcolm X struggled with sujood, because he had been put down his entire life. Once he forced himself into sujood, he understood sujood before Allah is not like sujood before men. He never wanted to get up again.
O Allah, guide us among those You’ve guided.
And give us health among those You’ve given health to.
And protect us among those You’ve protected.
And bless us on what has been given to us by You.
And protect us from any evil You’ve decreed,
For You decree in truth and none can decree over You.
None can disgrace who You oppose.
None can disgrace who You support.
And none can honor who You opposed.
O Allah, we ask you paradise.
O Allah bring us closer to You of our action and speech.
And we seek refuge in You from the Hellfire.
O Allah, we don’t have the ability to praise who You are as You praise Yourself,
We thank You for our faith, our families, our health and our wealth.
We declare You to be our Lord.
With no Ilah others than you. 
You've created us. 
We all Your slaves.
We fill our pleasure to You. 
We seek refuge in You from the sins that we commit.
Your blessings cannot be counting.
Your favors we all admit.
We also confess our sins.
And ask for Your forgiveness.
For non forgive sins except for You.
O Allah You are forgiving,
And You love to forgive,
So forgive me.
O Allah we seek refuge in You,
from the Heart that is not Humble, 
the Eye that is not Tear,
the Knowledge that is not Benefit,
the Prayer that is not Lifting Near.
O Allah,we ask You for all the good,
Good now and good later,
What we know to be good,
And what we Don't.
We seek refuge in You,
from all evil,
Evil now and evil later,
What we know to be evil,
And we Don't.
O Allah, guide our Youth.
Bring them to the truth.
Protect them from influences,
That will caused them to be Mislead.
Forgive our parents and grandparents,
And have mercy on our death. 
Remove from us the overburdening of man,
and the overburdening of debt. 
Give us success.
Remove us our stress.
O Allah, we seek refuge in your face,
from being the people of the Hellfire.
Protect us, our families, and our Ummah,
from all evil.
Bless this community.
Bless this country.
Bless our brothers and sister.
Allow who've read this article to be forgiven.
Allow the person who wrote this and 
Allow the scholars who have shared the knowledge to be forgiven.
Allow us to have love for each other.
Grant us Your Jannah and Grant us the Syafaat from our Prophet SAW. 

Aamiin Aamiin Ya Rabbal Alamin.

Heal the hearts of the believer.
-Ummu Aina-

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